22/07/2010 - New Designs Added

The new designs have now been added and we are now working on improving the search results.

28/09/2009 - New Designs

New designs are being added and problems are being fixed.

16/05/2009 - Reading lists

You can now add books to your reading list. Visit a book page and you can choose whether you have read, are reading or want to read that book!

25/02/2009 - Subscribe to updates

You can now subscribe to Bookrants news updates in your profile.

08/01/2009 - Add More To Your Profile

Upload any jpeg picture of yourself as your profile picture. Alternatively choose one of our new default images.

21/11/2008 - Add More To Your Rants

When posting you can now add smilies and format your text. Click here for more info!

18/11/2008 - Add Friends

You can now add other users as friends to view their rants.

12/11/2008 - Messaging Enabled

Messaging between members has now been enabled.

02/10/2008 - Congratulations to Tom

We recently held a raffle for all those who joined following the Richmond Book Fair, Tom was selected at random to receive a book of his choice up to the value of 15.
Keep checking for more promotions that we will be running in the near future!

27/09/2008 - Register

Registration page now working.

29/08/2008 -

Terms of use & privacy policy added.